Defer the Taxes Settlement Consulting is an important niche practice area of 4structures.com®, LLC., an A.M. Best Client Recommended Settlement Expert and settlement service provider. John Darer® CLU ChFC MSSC RSP CeFT® CLTC, company President has over 35 years experience in financial services , holds insurance licenses in over 40 States and DC and is a Master Structured Settlement Consultant, Registered Settlement Planner and Certified Financial Transitionist, one of only two settlement experts with the credential.

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At 4structures.com®, LLC we're happy to offer directly, or in collaboration with strategic partners in our professional network, settlement consulting solutions that you might need to achieve your objectives in the settlement of lawsuits where the damages are taxable.





John Darer® has considerable experience in the non qualified settlement consulting niche, having consulted on the use of stable income taxable damages solutions instrumental in concluding significant employment settlements, sounding in claims  for wrongful termination, emotional distress, where damages are not derivative to a physical injury, age discrimination in employment, religious discrimination, sexual discrimination, and failure to promote. John Darer® has also consulted on the use of non qualified structured settlement solutions on environmental clean up cases, divorce cases, LTD cases, structured attorney fees, breach of contract cases and other commercial disputes.

In a addition, for those with high value/ low basis assets, we offer solutions to defer the taxes,known as "structured installment sales" or  "structured sales".

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